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The Simple Life Coffee

The Simple Life Coffee (Cachipay variety) 100% Organic, Limited edition

The Simple Life Coffee (Cachipay variety) 100% Organic, Limited edition

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Fresh, smooth coffee, with notes of citrus, grapes, caramel, bright acidity, and a very balanced cup profile. This is a coffee grown and harvested with the strictest organic farming standards. 

This product is aimed at coffee connoisseurs, we decided to provide a 100% organic coffee alternative (Limited units available!)

Date Roasted: 01/2024

More about this limited product: Harvested and growth at Finca Las Margaritas, Cundinamarca (Colombia). The total coffee production extends over 8 hectares, 7 of which are dedicated to the coffee plantations, and the other portion of land is dedicated to preserving the native forest. 

The coffee is grown under the shadow of many trees planted to help recover the native forest of the zone. With the comeback of the forest, the birds have returned, and the farm has become a paradise for local birds. 


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