Who we are...

Description: Our unique Colombian coffee beans come from our family farm in Mundo Nuevo (New World) settlement, located outside the town of Pereira at 5000 feet above sea level on the western slopes of the Andes. Here, we harvest and sundry by hand the gentle Castillo variety of coffee. Our Artisanal processing makes for a cup profile of excellent uniformity and an aroma full of chocolate notes.

Our Consumer:  People with high standards who appreciate great quality products, The Simple Life Coffee is meant to help entrepreneurs, artists, hustlers, get through the daily grind of urban life. Even the simple things in life need high standards! 

Helping the community: We strive to be committed to sustainable development, our coffee production not only respects the environment but adheres to universal human rights, and we make sure our producers are well compensated and appreciated!

Colombia!: All of our coffee products are harvested and imported from Colombia, We not only grow and distribute our family coffee but we are committed to helping the Colombian Coffee Industry overall, that’s why in our store we also offer a limited edition coffee from across different Colombian regions.

Entrepreneurship: The Simple Life Coffee started as a senior project in college, we understand the hustle, and the challenges involved in bringing your ideas to life, that is why a percentage of our profits will be directed to new startups every year.

Founder: Nicolas Marin