Where we come from.

Description: Our unique Colombian coffee beans come from our family farm in Mundo Nuevo (New World) settlement, located outside the town of Pereira at 5000 feet above sea level on the western slopes of the Andes. Here, we harvest and sundry by hand the gentle Castillo variety of coffee. Our Artisanal processing makes for a cup profile of excellent uniformity and an aroma full of chocolate notes.

Our Consumer:  People with high standards who appreciate great quality products, The Simple Life Coffee is meant to help entrepreneurs, artists, hustlers, get through the daily grind of urban life. Even the simple things in life need high standards! (A percentage of our profits will be donated to new startups every year!)

The idea behind it when I was in college (2021): Everything started during the summer, where my family decided to start a small coffee production, I didn’t know anything about coffee I am not even a regular consumer. While I was in Colombia, I had to come with a brand name and pick the presentation for the product. I have always been a fan of minimalistic trends and products. I decided to name the coffee brand “The Simple Life.” I brought with me 30 bags of coffee in my checking bag coming to the US. When I arrived in the US, I started to research the coffee industry and its evolution. At the same time I started selling my coffee to friends and colleagues. After a couple of weeks of researching, I found out the coffee industry is going through the “Third coffee wave.” The first wave consisted of when people started to consume coffee on a regular basis and consumed it in their houses; The second wave consisted of mass production and franchises like Starbucks and Juan Valdez. The third wave focuses on high quality coffee, organic, handmade, eco-friendly development, rural production. People started to care where their coffee was coming from and how it was produced. Third wave coffees inform the consumer where the coffee comes from, how it was produced and when it was roasted. Due to the excellent quality of my coffee, I decided to choose Third wave coffee consumers, my target market. I realized the easier way for me to promote my coffee is by selling it online, so I focused on the Third wave e-commerce market. After analyzing different stores I noticed Third Wave coffees focused on artisanal and organic campaigns promoting eco-friendly production and the well being of the coffee growers where the coffee was produced. I saw a lot of coffee brands with artisanal and natural product presentations. I decided to take a different approach; I stuck with the minimalistic presentation, I presented my coffee as modern and industrial. I believe this marketing approach differentiates me from the other Third Wave coffees, aimed more towards younger generations who are Third Wave coffee consumers, my coffee still sticks with the main Third Wave characteristics, informing the consumer where the coffee comes from, how it was developed and when was it roasted, but narrowed towards a niche market of younger entrepreneurs, artists, and hustlers. Also the price of my coffee is very competitive in contrast to the other Third Wave Coffees, my coffee ranges from $14-$20 per unit of 500g, which also contains more than the average American pound of 450g, while the competitors sell their coffee ranging from $15-$35 per unit of 450g. After finalizing the branding and marketing approach, we needed to get all the necessary elements to create the final product, this included buying new reusable bags with zipper for the coffee with two presentations whole bean/ground, black/white, while also develop alternative products to promote The Simple Life (t-shirts). This process took time until we found reliable providers for the bags, and we figured out what permits were necessary to legally export the coffee from Colombia to the US. 

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